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Japanese buddhist Art in European Collections

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在欧博物館等保管日本仏教美術資料データベース (JBAE データベース ) は、法政大学国際日本学研究所のとチューリッヒ大学東洋学科日本学部門が共同で作成したデータベースです。

JBAE - Japanese Buddhist Art in European Collections, is a database jointly built by a team of the Research Center of International Japanese Studies of the Hosei University and the Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies of the University of Zurich.

The database covers the following 6 categories with in the field of Japanese Buddhist objects from European museums:
2.Painting (except Ukiyo-e prints)
3.Calligraphy and hand-written manuscripts
4.Ritual objects

Keywords: buddhist, buddhism, painting, textile, sculpture, manuscript, calligraphy, ofuda, ritual object
Resource updated: Jul 30th, 2020